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Tourist hostel Caslava - OPERATING RULES

Dear guests, we ask you to follow these Rules of Operation, which was created in order to ensure good conditions for accommodation and security you - yet.

Reservation and payment of stay:
After booking a stay guest is obliged to pay a deposit of 50% of the price according to the valid price list of the operator's account 27-6654750297 / 0100th As a variable symbol to indicate the date of stay (arrival by example. 24092016). Only the payment of the advance booking stays valid, the supplement will be paid no later than three days before stay at the above account with the same variable symbol.

Accommodation advice:

  • Dates of arrival for weekly or longer stays 9. 00 am. -11. 00 Hrs. , Date of departure 13. 00 am-15. 00 pm. Weekly stays start on Sunday and end on Saturday.
  • Dates of arrival for weekend stays 16. 00 hrs. -18. 00 Hrs. , Date of departure 13. 00 am-15. 00 pm.
  • Individual arrivals and departures agreement
  • Prior to the accommodation must be arranged by telephone the exact arrival time administrator cottage.
  • Chat guests upon arrival from administrators, including the keys to the cottage and rooms. Manager at the handover give guests individual instructions for use of the facility cottages. Host takes chat without apparent defects, any apparent defect guest is obliged to notify administrators when picking cottage. At a later objections will be considered.
  • When arriving at the hotel guest pays administrators refundable deposit 2000, - CZK, which will be refunded upon departure if no damage to property chats
  • After staying guests before the chat administrator in the same condition in which it was assumed (by the standard cleaning). Any damage caused by the guest, the guest must pay administrators that will be deducted from the refundable deposit. In the case of higher loss than the fixed deposit is refundable damage payable in cash or money in the account.

Rules for use of the cottage and its surroundings during your stay

  • The guest is obliged to keep staying in the cottage and surroundings clean and tidy, all the facilities huts can be utilized in accordance with their purpose, or instructions from the controller
  • Throughout the cottage are non-smoking.
  • The guest is obliged to respect the observance curfew from 22. 00 to 7. 00 pm.
  • There is a strict ban on exceeding the maximum capacity of the cottage, which is 24 people.
  • Chat can be used only with persons duly paid and the declared residence. When detecting the presence of undeclared people staying at the cottage is the object manager is entitled to such a person from the cottage report.
  • Handling of fire is possible only in designated areas: the first area opened fire at the plaza in front of the cottage, the second fire in the fireplace room cottage. 3 cooking in the kitchen with gas cookers. In other areas it is forbidden handling with fire.
  • Host shall, without the consent of the operator or administrator relocate or otherwise alter the furniture, equipment and installation cottage.
  • Any technical failure not caused by traffic cottages or guest activities - announces the guest cottage immediately administrators who care about solving the problem.
  • In outdoor areas, the guest can only use land and facilities belonging to the cottage.
  • Children must always be the responsibility of their legal representative or the person who is the legal guardian to stay confided.
  • Use of the sport playgrounds and swings it at your own risk.
  • The cottage is equipped with first-aid kit to treat basic injuries. In case of emergency call 155. Contact the hospital in New Town: Žďárská 610 Emergency: 15-20. 00 weekdays, holidays and weekends 9 - 20. 00, tel: 566 801 850
  • Stay with your dog is permitted only upon written consultation with the operator chats, and only for dogs with valid vaccination certificate. For damages caused by the dog's owner is responsible. The dog's owner is obliged to always clean up after the dog, so that the chalet remained clean.
  • Everyone is obliged to secure their belongings and to prevent their theft or damage, including cars and things in parked cars. The operator of the cottage is not liable for losses and damages.

Final Provisions

  • In case of serious breach of the rules of operation of the operator or administrator cottage right to terminate the stay before the agreed deadline for orderly termination of the stay and no financial compensation paid stay.
  • Every guest has an obligation at the latest before the onset of the accommodation is familiar with the operating rules and follow it.
  • Host composition booking deposit confirms that he was familiar with the obligation to become familiar with this operating regulations and stay at it mandatory to follow. The operator has thus when handing over the cottage to accommodate for the host with the operating rules fully informed and fully and amended it respects and accepts.
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